All Things Taiga

The six main biomes of the world include Grasslands, Tundra, Taiga, Rainforests, Temperate/ Deciduous Forests and Deserts.

The taiga climate is predominantly cold weather. Summer in the taiga are significantly short lasting only one to three months. They are warm at an average temperature of 18˚C. The position of the sun during summer means that the Taiga can get up to 20 hours of sunlight. Winters in the Taiga can reach temperatures of -54˚C but usually stay at around -20˚C. The season’s autumn and spring are so short that are practically nonexistent.

The Taiga biome is a vast stretch of land across the Northern Hemisphere. The precise places that the Taiga encompasses are inland Canada and Alaska, most of Sweden and Finland, inland and northern Norway, most of Russia (especially Siberia), north Kazakhstan, Mongolia and Japan.  The most densely populated area in the Taiga region is Russia and the least populated area is Mongolia.


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