Human Impacts & Solutions

Diverse arrays of animals in the Taiga are under threat because of human activities. Clear cutting is the most prominent behavior causing damage. Clear cutting is used for logging and collecting timber as well as turning the wood into paper and tissues. Whole sections of the forest would be cleared and the undergrowth would be burnt.  90% of forest logging is cleared is this way. Russian forests are disappearing at the rate of 119,999 km2 per year. The Taiga forests make up 29% of the worlds forest and soon this will all be completely cleared therefore destroying animal and plant habitats.

Scientists believe the best possible solution to save the forests in the Taiga biome is to protect what forest we have left.  50% of the Taiga biome in Canada alone has been allowed for deforestation. Only 8% out of the Canadian Taiga forest is protected. Expanding this amount of land protected in this biome would save habitats, increase the oxygen outlet and save species on the brink of extinction.

In my opinion the solution to protect the boreal forests is to log trees sustainably. Putting a structured environmentally friendly procedure that all logging and mining companies would follow would allow logging processes to continue without a depletion of trees. It would state the requirements and care needed for removal of natural resources from Taiga zone.  For example one of the rules can be; ‘for every tree removed three must be replaced’. This would keep a sustainable environment as well as cater for trees that could possibly be damaged or harmed by humans.

Following effects that this solution would have on human life would be positive.  The Taiga forest would not be continually destroyed and therefore absorb more carbon dioxide. This would then lessen the effects of global warming because the boreal forest would absorb co2 and emit more oxygen.  We would also save various species of extinction because there would not be as much habitat destruction.